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Veterinary Games

In this vet attends to all pets and abandoned animals. Whether they are puppies, cats, dogs or even dinosaurs! If you want to learn to care for and treat animals we believe this is the best game so you can learn. You can be a veterinary pet! See to care for these adorable animals and give them the treatment they need!
Today you have an animal hospital. Take care of the horses, zebras, ponies and donkeys to reach your veterinary clinic. Give the right medicine for your condition, treat them with care and offer to your sweetheart. Be the best veterinarian who ever lived.

Screenshot 2016-03-27 at 11.44.50 Educational Games

Animal Veterinary

Girls who love animals and pets out of the ordinary we leave you a game especially for you! This pet is in very bad condition,…

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Cute Pet Hospital

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