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Monster Games

You like monsters? To us we are afraid, we’re terrified, but we also like to play with them. That’s why we have a very nice collection of games monsters. Top games monsters are free here. Arm yourself with courage and defeat all evil creatures that will put you ahead in our huge collection of games monsters and witches.
Become a friend or enemy monsters. Combat against them. Board arms and courage to fight them. At some point you have to save some humans from the threat of evil monsters, at other times you will be friends with them. You can do it? We are confident that if.

Screenshot 2016-03-24 at 13.52.50 Monster Games

Mean Monsters

Another set of monsters and intelligence to play. Use the mouse to play this game. Select the level you want to play and play like…

Screenshot 2016-03-24 at 13.43.58 Monster Games

Loved Monsters

Select level 1 to start playing this game of monsters. Use the mouse to play this game. You need to make the monster fall, but…

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Tasty Planet

Select the level you want to play. Use the arrow keys to play this game. Commits to brown points to grow your monster.